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Carrier’s leading environmentally sustainable technologies leverage free seawater energy to produce cooling and heating.
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Cultural Centre Solutions

Carrier’s leading environmentally sustainable technologies leverage free seawater energy to produce cooling and heating.


The Museum of Europe and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) located in Marseille, France and the neighboring Mediterranean Villa dedicated to contemporary Mediterranean art exhibitions host a number of events including conferences, debates and film showcases. The building was designed to meet High Quality Environmental standard* and therefore energy savings were at the heart of the project. Carrier
implemented an innovative air conditioning system leveraging the use of seawater to simultaneously produce cold water (6/12°C) and hot water (40/45°C).

Challenges and Solutions: 

The project presented a number of specific challenges and the solution delivers:

  • A high efficiency system: capacity of 1 000 kW cooling and 1 200 kW heating per AquaForce® water-to-water heat pumps;
  • An innovative energy-saving process application: the machines use the free energy from seawater to remove the energy from the machine condensers and refrigeration units. Whether for air conditioning or heating purposes, the installation principle is the same as for reversible geothermal installations using ground water with water-to-water heat pumps;
  • Optimal security: no fossil fuel usage. Electricity is at the heart of the energy system’s production which means no inflammable gas running through the ducted installation inside a building visited by thousands of visitors each year;
  • Compact size: limited space required for installation. The technical room is only 100 m2.


  • 2x 30XWHP AquaForce® water-to-water heat pumps
  • Carrier advanced web system controller

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