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Carrier’s leading environmentally sustainable technologies leverage free seawater energy to produce cooling and heating.
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Customers look to Carrier to develop sustainable solutions for refrigerants, especially given climate change considerations. For decades, the industry relied on chlorofluorocarbon...
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Greater demand can lead to greater energy costs. However, Carrier heat recovery chillers can transfer waste heat from the hotel’s cooling system into the domestic hot water system
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Hotel Solutions

Efficient energy solutions for hotels

Greater demand can lead to greater energy costs. However, Carrier heat recovery chillers can transfer waste heat from the hotel’s cooling system into the domestic hot water system – providing hot showers for guests and cool savings for hotel management. Innovations like these are helping major hotel groups around the world achieve key annual objectives of sustainability, increased energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Operational Efficiency Management:

The typical occupancy rate for a hotel is 65%. Of that 65%, a guest is generally in the room only 40% of the time, usually to sleep. This means that there is a significant amount of time when hotels are needlessly heating, cooling or lighting an empty space. Therefore excessive energy consumption is a controllable expense with Carrier energy management solutions without compromising comfort or guest satisfaction. Carrier offers a range of HVAC building management systems: from Aquasmart® to WebCTRL®, the needs of the smallest to the largest hotels can be met. Centralized system control allows smart building management and optimization of the HVAC to control temperatures and handle fluctuating occupancy.

Preventive Service:

Carrier’s service offering ensures client’s equipment and systems are maintained at optimal operating efficiencies to minimize running costs (maintenance of filters, adjustment of operating points, analysis of machine efficiency report). Carrier is able to offer competitive cost/benefit ratios for any hotel project across the market, thanks to reliable products combined with cost effective maintenance planning and implementation.

Energy Savings:

Green energy  options are money saving options. Recycling heat from air conditioning systems to heat water cuts overheads and drives profitability. Centralized building management systems permit hotel facility managers to optimize and maintain system operation to reduce energy and save costs without impacting on guest’s comfort.

Solutions for every market positions: 

  • Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Canary Islands • Spain

CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT: Reduce the hotel’s energy costs by using the waste heat from the air conditioning system to heat the swimming facilities and the sanitary water.
CARRIER’s solution:  Carrier provided 30XWH AquaForce® water-to-water heat pumps/ chillers and 61WG AquaSnap® water-sourced heat pumps, with associated condensers and controls.

  • NH Abascal, Madrid • Spain

CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT: Low noise emissions and reduced footprint due to historic building architecture.
CARRIER’s solution: Carrier provided compact air-cooled chiller with low-noise options to meet the designers specification needs.

  • Marjan Island & SPA, Ras Al Khaimah • United Arab Emirates

CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT: A 5-year full service package.
CARRIER’s solution: Carrier Service capabilities to fully support its customer needs with an extensive, flexible service offer.

  • Grand Hotel Amstel, Amsterdam • Netherlands

CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT: Replacement of an existing installation within constraints presented by an historical building: indoor installation, compactness and a silent solution.
CARRIER’s solution: Carrier installed two 30HXC water-cooled chillers using the latest developments in compression and heat exchangers. In addition to meeting the customer’s need, the reuse of the waste heat to heat hotel’s sanitary hot water increased efficiency and reduced energy costs.

  • Renaissance Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul • Turkey

CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT: Reduce energy use and increase HVAC system efficiency.
CARRIER’s solution: The supply of efficient energy saving water-cooled 30XW AquaForce® chiller.

  • Westin Hotel, Guangzhou • Asia

CUSTOMER’S REQUIREMENT: Further improve HVAC efficiency within the existing installation to reduce energy costs.
CARRIER’s solution: The use of chiller and heat pump instead of chiller and boiler with a control strategy optimized by Carrier’s HVAC WebCTRL system.

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