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AHI Carrier South Eastern Europe

AHI CARRIER South Eastern Europe Single Member S.A is responsible for the European activity of AHI CARRIER FZC in Central and South Eastern Europe, for the distribution and after-sales services of Carrier, Toshiba and Totaline air conditioning products*.

Headquartered in Greece, with a subsidiary in Thessaloniki, the company has the responsibility of managing offices in:

  • Bulgaria – AHI Carrier HVAC Bulgaria EOOD
  • Romania – AHI Carrier Romania SRL
  • Austria – AHI Carrier GmbH
  • Czech Republic – AHI Carrier CZ s.r.o.


To be the number one choice of customers in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and industrial refrigeration applications throughout our region.


To create a comfortable and productive environment, whatever the climatic conditions, by offering solutions that ensure high quality indoor air.


Performance and Quality

We are committed in providing services and products of high quality and efficiency, in order to continuously strengthen our leadership. We provide durable and high performance products that exceed the expectations of our customers.


We constantly focus on providing innovative and reliable products and services that improve our environment and living conditions.

Employee development

The most valuable asset of our company is its people, which is why we encourage personal and professional development by investing in training. We believe in creating a working environment dominated by meritocracy, respect and diversity.

Customer Care

Our customers’ needs are at the heart of our interest, and we are constantly working on anticipating and satisfying them, by delivering high quality products, services and innovative solutions with a competitive edge.

Business Practices

Adhering to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct is a firm commitment of our company. This includes the relationships we have with our customers, our suppliers, our competitors, the local communities in which we operate and, of course, our employees.

Health & Safety

Protecting the safety of our employees, customers and the environment is a fundamental value for us. We always ensure that our employees and workplaces are safe from dangers, and our products and services are safe for the consumer.

About AHI Carrier FZC

AHI CARRIER FZC, a joint venture created in December 2008 between Carrier Corporation and Air-Conditioning & Heating International (AHI), is Carrier’s largest HVAC distribution entity (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) outside of U.S.A.

AHI CARRIER FZC is responsible for the markets of Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Central and South Eastern Europe (15 countries), Oceania (15 countries), Africa (54 countries) and the Middle East (14 countries).

* Toshiba: In 1999, the Carrier Corporation formed a joint venture with Toshiba’s air-conditioning division, the Toshiba Carrier Corporation. The two companies have joined forces to offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions.

Totaline: Distributes the widest range of HVACR accessories, consumables and tools for home and commercial applications and offers professional refrigeration solutions.

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Carrier energy-efficient, flexible solutions for commercial buildings

Commercial centers offer a vast and varied range of products and services, covering everything from fashion, cinema, jewelry, electronic outlets, banking & insurance, opticians through to food stores.
Consequently such buildings require a variety of HVAC solutions to meet the needs of small to larger shop surface areas and configurations. Whether the need is for centralized or decentralized solutions, Carrier offers a wide range of energy efficient products and solutions to meet designers’ and installers’ needs.
AHI Carrier SE Europe Air-Conditioning S.A has provided reliable HVAC solutions to large and small commercial centers:

Air Traffic Management in Sofia

Equipment:30GX Screw Compressor Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Sofia International Airport

Equipment:19XR Centrifugal Liquid Chillers

Embassy of Monaco in Sofia

Equipment:30GX Screw Compressor Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers

European Commission building in Sofia


Ikea in Sofia

Equipment:Fan Coil Units

Kaufland Stores in Sofia

Equipment:30RB Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers with Integrated Hydronic Modules and Fan Coil Units

Practiker Stores in Sofia

Equipment:30RB Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers with Integrated Hydronic Modules

Air Traffic Kula in Sofia

Equipment:30RQS Air-to-Water Heat Pumps, 30RQ Air-to-Water Heat Pumps and Air Handling Units

Alpha Bank in Sofia

Equipment:30RB Air Cooled Liquid Chillers with Integrated Hydronic Module, 30RBS Air Cooled Liquid Chillers, Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units

Office Building ''Maserati'' in Sofia

Equipment:Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units

Cyprus Bank

Equipment:30XA Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Center Of Mediterranean Architecture in Crete

Equipment:30RQSY Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

National Museum of Contemporary Art - Fix in Athens

Equipment:30XW Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers, 30XWH Water-to-Water heat Pumps and Cooling Towers

Eurobank branches

Equipment:Various Carrier HVAC products

Diagoras International Airport in Rhodes

Equipment:30HXC Screw Compressor Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers, 30RH Air-to-Water Heat Pumps with Integrated Hydronic Module

Jumbo Toy Stores

Equipment:Various Carrier HVAC products

International Broadcasting Centere (IBC) in Athens

Equipment:30GX Screw Compressot Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Olympic Village in Athens

Equipment:30RA Air-Cooled Chillers and Fan Coil Units

2004 Olympic Committee Headquarters in Athens

Equipment:19XR Centrifugal Liquid Chiller and 30HZ Reciprocating Liquid Chiller

The Athens Concert Hall: Megaron in Athens

Equipment:30HXC Screw Compressor Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Acropolis Museum in Athens

Equipment:30RW Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers with Integrated Hydronic Module, 30GX Screw Compressor Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers, Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units

Capitol Park Sabac in Serbia

Equipment:50UH Packaged Rooftop Heat Pump and Gas Heating Units

Telecom in Skopje

Equipment:30RB Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers, 30RBS Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers, 30RQ Air-to-Water Heat Pumps, Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units

Fiat Factory in Serbia

Equipment:19XR Centrifugal Liquid Chiller and 30XA Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Bank of Tirana in Albania

Equipment:30RQ Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest

Equipment:Air Handling Units

Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest

Equipment:30XW Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Lake View in Bucharest

Equipment:30XA Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Floreasca Office in Bucharest

Equipment:30XA Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers and 30RBS Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers

Petrom City in Bucharest

Equipment:16LJ Single Effect Hot Water Fired Absorption Chillers and 19XR Centrifugal Liquid Chiller

Floreasca Skytower

Equipment:30XWP Screw Compressor Water Cooled Liquid Chillers

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Equipment:30RB Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers and Air Handling Units

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